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Minimalist sports footwear that doesn't interfere with the natural movement of your feet.

Welcome to our store, we are currently developing football boots that allow your foot to move as nature intended. Sign up to our newsletter for updates.

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Our story begins with our founder, who grew up in a football mad family but was frequently injured as a player and spent most of his late teens and early twenties on a physio table, before retiring too young due to reoccurring injuries. This is an all too familiar story of a glistening career cut short by injury😉. After discovering the benefits of barefoot running in his late twenties, his fortune changed. With an improved running gait after a couple of injury free years barefoot running, he turned to indoor football wearing minimalist barefoot type trainers. This went so well that after a couple of years, he returned to the football pitch (with a pair of wide fitting football boots modified to be as minimalist as possible) where he continues to play for his local football team at the grand old age of 38! 

Our founder also found issue when looking for football boots for his 6 year old son, a typical kiwi kid who is most often found barefoot. All football boots on the market were very narrow, rigid and plastic which meant his son struggled to run. That was the final straw...

It was from here that DAGDA Barefoot was born. We want to provide our customers with minimalist barefoot football boots that don't interfere with the natural movement of your feet. As leading physios, and strength and conditioning coaches know, natural movement is key to remaining injury free.

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